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The compost site is currently OPEN. This site is for PERMITTED Village of Bellevue Residents and village based Contractors.

The Resident Compost Sticker does not need to be renewed annually unless your information on file has changed.

To apply for a compost site permit:

Please call or email
Lou Ann Zeamer, Administrative Assistant-Public Works

during the hours of 7:30 am-3 pm, Monday-Wednesday

Please include your name, address, phone number, license plate number, make model and color of your vehicle.

The location is at 3891 Eaton Road and is currently OPEN. The site is located on Eaton Road (CTH JJ) east of Grandview Road. The Village Staff will NOT LOAD OR UNLOAD vehicles, trailers, etc.  The gates will remain open for permitted village residents and permitted village based contractors, provided they have a Contractor Permit with the village.
The site rules are posted below:

Materials accepted include grass clippings, garden materials, leaves and brush, sod and small stumps. If it is not one of the above listed items it can not be accepted at this site. No exceptions. All other material needs to be disposed of properly through other means such as through the Brown County Recycling Program at:

The compost site is under 24 hour video surveillance. Anyone caught illegally dumping, will be fined $500.00 plus cleanup costs to dispose of the illegal material. Please obey the site's rules and contact us if you see anyone that is not. 

The Department of Natural Resources has requested that we post notice that some trees and brush that came in contact with Imprelis herbicide will cause damage to trees. It is not known if any grass, mulch or brush in contact with Imprelis has been disposed of at our site.

Misuse and illegal dumping at the gate or in the site will result in fines, clean-up costs and the possible loss of future use of the facility! Please Report Illegal Use of the Site.