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Snow Covered Fire Hydrants

snow hydrant

Snowfall, combined with the snow plowed from roadways, often buries fire hydrants under a large amount of snow, thus making them difficult to find and use. Should a fire happen nearby, precious time is lost as firefighters work to locate hydrants and shovel snow away before they can hook up hoses. 

In a fire, time is critical and every second counts. The extra minutes a firefighter spends digging out a hydrant can make a big difference in how quickly they can extinguish a fire and limit the damage.

Don't let your neighborhood hydrant remain "undercover." We ask that you help us by keeping the fire hydrant closest to your residence or business clear of snow. Snow should be removed about three feet (3') away from the hydrant in all directions and a pathway should be cleared between the hydrant and the nearest roadway. Exercise caution when removing snow around the hydrant because of the potential for nearby traffic. Do not stand in the street and be careful not to slip and fall out into the roadway.

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