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Snow and Ice Control FAQs

Q: If a snow plow deposits snow in my driveway, will the Village clear it out?
No. With more than 3500 residential driveways, there isn’t time or the resources to clear them all. The Village’s top responsibility is to keep traffic moving safely along its designated snow routes.

Q: Why does it take so long for my street to get plowed?
We clear our streets based on a priority program, Priority 1 roads, Priority 2 roadways, then Priority 3, trails and parking lots. At times crews are rerouted to assist emergency responders to their destinations. How long it takes to clear the streets depends on each unique snowfall. Factors such as much snow, how wet the snow is, and forecasted time to stop snowing all impact when operators are dispatched to plow now. As a general rule, all streets should be plowed back in 8-10 hours from when the snow stops.

Q: Why does the plow go past my house so many times?
The Priority 1 roads are wider and need to require at least 4 passes to clear them. During heavy snowfalls, operators will come back and replow these routes to keep them open for travel and emergency vehicles. Also, Village plow operators will have their plows down when traveling to their zones to begin snow removal. 

Q: The plow always goes down the heavily traveled street, why can’t it just swing into my side street and make a pass?
The more diversions an operator makes, the longer it will take to clear the major roads. You might be able to get to a major road, but driving efforts would be useless if the major roadway you were driving to was not plowed.

Q: Can I park on the street during a snowfall?
It is advised not to park on the street during a snowfall. The Village has a no parking ban on all streets November 1st to April 1st from 2 am to 6 am daily. Vehicles will be ticketed during this time. Moving your vehicle off the street during the day will prevent it from being blocked by plowed snow and allow for better snow removal. In the event a snow emergency is called, there is no parking on all streets during the time designated. Vehicles parked on the road during this time will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

Q: My mailbox was hit by a plow, what do I do now?
In most cases it is best that you straighten out the post and box for immediate mail delivery. It is the Village’s policy to reimburse the property owner up to $75 to replace a mail box that is confirmed to have been hit by the plow blade, and was properly installed . The Village will not install or repair the mail box or post, and is not responsible for damage due to heavy snow pushing against the box or post. Please call 468-5225 if you feel your box was damaged by the plow blade.

Q: My mail isn’t being delivered because of piled snow in front of it.
The Village makes every effort to remove snow as close to the curb as possible. However, the placement of mail boxes and tight operating conditions in cul-de-sacs makes it difficult for our operators to place snow in these areas.

Q: It is snowing out, should I put out my garbage/recycling containers?A: Under most conditions, the containers should be placed at the end of your driveway. They should not be placed in the roadway, but should be placed near the right side of the drive (as you look at the street). If possible, wait until after the snow plow has gone through to place the carts at the curb. Visit the Village website or call 468-5225 to see if pickup has been delayed by a day.

Q:What if I still have questions?
To learn more about the Village of Bellevue’s snow and ice control policies and procedures call 468-5225 to speak with the Public Works Department.

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