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These are the questions we hear the most. Each FAQ and answer is general and your question may require more detailed analysis, based on your specific project. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please visit or call us - we're here to help!

Q: What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A:  A Comprehensive Plan provides general direction on the Village’s future development pattern.  The Plan also provides policies and actions for community leaders to consider in the future.  Some of the Comprehensive Plan recommendations will be implemented through amendments to the Zoning Ordinance text and map.  However, the Comprehensive plan itself does not change the Zoning Ordinances or the zoning of any property.

Q: What is zoning?

A:  Zoning primarily controls how property may be used and where structures may be placed on the property.  Different regulations may be established to carry out specific purposes stated for each zoning district, although within each zone land uses are treated similarly.  This includes land uses, density, building height and size, lot sizes, yards and open spaces, setbacks, signs and accessory uses.  In addition, various standards are established for off-street parking and provisions related to different development techniques.  The laws are designed to allow owners reasonable use of their land while protecting the rights of the neighborhood and the community.

The Zoning Code and Maps should be reviewed prior to constructing, altering or locating land use within the Village.  The Zoning maps are official Village documents that reflect the location of the various residential, commercial and industrial zoning districts with the Village.  Both the Zoning Code text and Maps can be inspected in the Community Development Department Office.  A copy of the Zoning Code or Zoning Map may be purchased at the Community Development Department Office or viewed on this web site.

Q: What is the zoning of my property?

A:  The Village of Bellevue website has a copy of the most current Zoning Map on our Online Maps Page.  However it is advised that you contact the Community Development Department at (920) 468-5225 in order to verify the current zoning of your property.  Please have a Parcel ID number or address available.

Q: Can a specific property be rezoned?

A: Rezoning must follow the Village’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  If you have further questions about the potential to rezone a particular piece of property, contact the Community Development Department.

Q: What are my setbacks?

A: Once the zoning for your property has been determined you can find your setbacks by using the Zoning Ordinance and locating the corresponding district regulations.

Q: Is the setback the same as an easement?

 A: No. Setbacks and easements overlap, although both require structures to be located outside of certain areas on private property. The Zoning Ordinance requires all structures or uses to be “set back” a minimum distance from property lines. An easement, which typically runs along a property line, designates an area where a utility or service provider has the right to access and use private property to locate and maintain a utility service line or installation. No structures can be placed in the easement without approval from all service providers with a right to the easement.

Q: Can my property be subdivided?

A: Property can be split into two or more parcels by Village Board plat or certified survey map approval provided all newly created lots meet both the Zoning Ordinance (based on the zoning district) and Subdivision Code minimum lot size and dimension requirements. If an existing house is retained, the house and any accessory structures must be located on and meet all zoning size and setback requirements of one of the newly created lots.

Q: How soon can I get on a Plan Commission agenda?

A: The department has improved its time-line from date of application submission to date of placement on an agenda. In most cases, an applicant will be heard by the Commission within 30 days, depending on the complexity of the project and the agenda.  Please find a submittal deadline and Plan Commission Date calendar here.

Q: How do I request a Zoning Confirmation letter?

A: A Zoning Confirmation letter can be acquired from the Planning Department through written request. There is a $35 fee. To request a Zoning Confirmation letter please contact the Community Development Department at (920) 468-5225.

Q: What can be done about my neighbor’s poorly maintained property?

A: The condition should be reported to the Community Development Department. The CDD functions as the enforcement agency for the Village Property Maintenance Ordinance and Zoning Ordinance.  If violation of either ordinance is found, staff will work with the property owner to correct the problem.  Please note, not all conditions are considered violations.

Q:  What are the restrictive covenants associated with my subdivision?

A:  The Village does not enforce any privately imposed restrictive covenants placed on subdivisions by the developer/builder nor do we have copies of these at our office.  These typically can be found at the Brown County Register of Deeds.

Q:  How do I find out the location of water, gas, power, TV and sewer lines in relation to my property?

Please contact Digger’s Hotline prior to digging or excavating any of your property to locate any utilities or underground lines.  This is a free service and is highly recommended for your safety and the safety of others.

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