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Board of Review

The Board of Review
The Board of Review meets at the call of the Village Assessor, typically each year before June. The meeting is facilitated by the Village’s Director of Finance/Clerk-Treasurer. The Board of Review carries out responsibilities related to assessing real property as provided for in 70.46 through 70.503 Wis. Stats., or successor statute. The Board hears objections from property owners regarding the assessed value of their property, as determined by the Village Assessor. The Board is Quasi-judicial, meaning that the members sit as a panel of judges. Board members must decide cases based solely upon the information presented during the hearing and in conformance with 70.32 (1) Wis. Stats., or successor statute.

Board members are made up of the Village President, four Village Trustees and the Village Director of Finance/Clerk-Treasurer.

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