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*Program did not run this season.  Look for this program to be offered again Fall of 2022.  

We have partnered with GGLeagues to provide gaming opportunities through Esports. GGLeague referees will organize, officiate, and monitor game sessions in order to ensure proper conduct and sportsmanship. Please be sure to have a valid email on file with Bellevue Parks, Recreation & Forestry.  Featuring games such as:
Fortnite (Solos and Duos), Super Smash Brothers Ultimate , Madden for Xbox and PS4, Rocket League (1v1s and 3v3s)

You need to own the specific game & game system -You need an Internet connection to play the games online
You need to have the online gaming account (ie, PlayStation Plus). You also will need to register with GG Leagues Gaming       Systems for an online account. This information will be sent to registered participants.

*More information to come.  

GG Leagues 8-12 Registration

GG Leagues 13-18 Registration

GG Leagues 18+ Registration

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