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Guns Street - Pedestrian Safety & Traffic Calming Proposal


Residents living along Guns Street have long considered the street to be an area of high traffic volumes with excessive speeding causing unsafe conditions for pedestrians and residents. Use of the roadway by trucks and semis has also been raised as a significant concern. Other concerns include the following:

  • Pedestrian safety at Willow Creek Park
  • Lack of traffic enforcement
  • Traffic generated as a result of the location of Wal-Mart

The Village has taken the following actions to address this matter.  Our actions have resulted in mixed or temporary improvements:

  • Held public meetings
  • Posted Village patrol officers along the roadway
  • Utilized the Sheriff’s Department’s Traffic Team
  • Utilized the radar board
  • Installed two additional stop signs (Kensington & Guns/Buffle Head & Guns)
  • Installed Children at Play signs at Willow Creek Park
  • Painted visually narrowed lanes
  • Worked with Wal-Mart through the site design process to redirect traffic to the Main Street entrance.

The improvements that have been made to this point have been consistent with approved traffic calming processes which are:

Launch speed reduction campaigns which entail posting reader boards, posting additional warning and regulatory signs, contacting area businesses and schools and holding public meetings.

Increase presence of enforcement by posting patrol officers and using traffic teams.

Physically alter the roadway to impact the flow of traffic.  This approach should be used when education and enforcement have not produced the desired results.

Taking action to encourage and promote public use of facilities and to make lifestyle changes.

Village staff has identified a number of contributing factors to the traffic environment experienced on Guns Street.

  • Closure of Hazen Road Bridge
  • Installation of the Willow Creek Bridge
  • Overall Village growth
  • Construction of the original Wal-Mart in 1992

During the public meetings, residents have mentioned that Wal-Mart’s entrance on Guns Street has been a contributing factor to the increased traffic and use of the road by trucks. Residents have requested that the Guns Street entrance be closed to traffic. However, the Village requires that the store maintain two points of ingress and egress for safety reasons. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has denied the Village’s request for a second entrance point off of Main Street.

The Village has addressed this matter by requiring Wal-Mart to work with their delivery companies to ensure that they use the Main Street entrance. The Village also required that a driveway be installed at the Guns Street entrance making it difficult for trucks to navigate which will discourage future use.

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