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Projects & Construction

  • The Department of Public Works is constantly undertaking a variety of projects ranging from road reconstruction, water and sewer replacement and storm-water management.

Select the links in the table below to view plans, maps and/or pictures for various projects currently underway in the Village of Bellevue. If you have questions about a project, please contact the Public Works Director, Bill Balke.

US Highway 41

Project Updates

2016 + State/County Construction
  • Future County/State Projects
    • State Highway 29 from Manitowoc Road to the County Line will be resurfaced in 2019 (possibly sooner if funding becomes available)  
    • Traffic signals are planned for installation at the intersection of Main Street and Kewaunee Road in 2018 (possibly sooner if funding becomes available).  
Village Crack Filling Program

2016 Program.  Low bidder was Asphalt Seal and Repair out of De Pere.  Work was completed in April.

Village Street Resurfacing

This map is the proposed street construction program being considered by the Village Board for 2017-2021.    A list of Frequently Asked Questionsis also available for viewing. 

Townhall Road Construction

Construction planned for 2017, the project involves sanitary sewer main and lateral replacement, new sidewalk and trees, as well as curb repair and pavement replacement.  A informational meeting was held on 8/23/2016.  

Based on information presented at the meeting, and Village Board input, sidewalk was to be designed to be installed on the South side of Townhall Road from Lime Kiln Road to Nichole Ann Drive (west).  

Bids were opened for the projects on October 26.  The Board rejected all bids on this date as well.  Notice of rejection has been sent to bidders.  Staff is reevaluating alternative construction methods and cost/benefit for construction in the area. Construction timeframes and project scope are being developed. 

Handouts and as-bid plans are attached below:

8/23/2016 Presentation

Informational Contact Sheet

Area Map 

Bid Plans 10-12-1016

Townhall 1, Townhall 2, Townhall 3, Townhall 4


2017 Resurfacing Program

Streets included in the program are Valley Heights, Foxfire, Woodgate, Woodland Hills, Bel Meadow, Vonda, and Meadow Park.  Select curb replacement will be performed, as well as gravel base reconditioning and new pavement.  

The Board heard public comment from residents and rejected all bids for project on 10/26.  Timeframe and project scope of construction is being revised and prepared for consideration on 11/9 Board meeting. Board will decide the proposed debt issueance needed to support 2017 and 2018 Capital Construction. 

10-06-16 Presentation

Informational Contact Steet

Area Map 1 - Area Map 2

Rating guide.

Board Presentation 11/9/2016 (New 11/10/2016)

2016-2021 Resurfacing and Sidewalk

Resurfacing and Sidewalk Map

Construction dates on the map are pending Board approval.  2017 proposed projects are going to possibly be rebid. 

2016-2021 Utility

Utility Construction Map

Reconstruction of the utilities on Townhall Road may not occur in 2017 which are pending future board decisions. 

Public Works Staff Information

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William Balke, PE
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Joe Piumbroeck
Public Works Inspector/Street Supt.

Grace Lahtela
Utility Billing Clerk




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