Garbage & Recycling

At the May 28th Village Board meeting, Harter's Fox Valley Disposal was selected to provide garbage and recycling collection services for the Village of Bellevue effective September 1, 2014.  Every resident received new garbage and recycling carts under the new agreement. Besides the distribution of new carts, the only other change to service will be that the current week of recycling will be moved. There will be no changes to the day of collection for each household.  An informational flyer on this change was provided when new carts were distributed.  Harter's will work directly with residents throughout this process to address any issues.
Questions for the Village on this transition can be directed to

Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up

The Village uses automated pick-up service through the use of carts. Carts are owned by the Village's contractor and should be left at your residence should you move from the Village. Residents may request an additional cart, however there will be an additional per household monthly charge for collection. Co-mingle recyclables will be picked up bi-weekly. For more information on the garbage bin placement, click here to view the garbage bin placement diagram.

Pick-up Schedules:

The charge for refuse collection service appears on your water bill which is sent out monthly. The monthly charge includes the costs for collection, garbage disposal, recycling management, cart rental, fuel and general administration. Materials for collection must be placed at the curb (not in the street) no later than 7 a.m. on your pick-up day. If you do not know your garbage pick-up day, please call the office or click on the following link: Garbage Pickup Map.

2014 Garbage & Reycling Transition to Harter's

As noted above, the Village made a transition to a new hauler effective September 1, 2014.  Provided below is a summary of additional information that has already been provided through the Village Blog, E-newsletter or Facebook:

  • All single family homes are being provided new 95 gallon carts.  Any residents that want to swap out a cart(s) for the smaller 65 gallon size may do so by contacting the Village.  Please call 468-5225 and ask for Victoria or e-mail.
  • Please do not put garbage or recycling in Advanced Disposal carts after September 2.
  • An estimated annual savings of $120,000 is expected when compared to the Village's current contract.  That savings will be passed on directly to our residents.
  • Monthly savings on each household utility bill is difficult to quantify due to fluctuating monthly costs such as fuel and garbage disposal (tipping fee) expenses from the hauler.
Dumping Prohibited

Remember that it is illegal to dump or dispose of garbage, rubbish, refuse, liquid or solid waste material including oil, sludge, sewage (excluding animal waste used as fertilizer) or waste liquids of any kind or nature, on any property which is located in the Village.

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