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Sex Offender Restrictions

The Village of Bellevue currently has regulations in place aimed at protecting the health and safety of children in the Village from the risk that sexual offenders convicted of an offense against a child may re-offend in locations close to where children congregate.  It is not the intent of the ordinance to impose a criminal penalty, but rather to serve the Village's interest to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the children of the Village by prohibiting convicted sexual offenders from residing, loitering or being present in specified areas around locations where children regularly congregate.

The Village Board last updated sex offender restrictions in January, 2015.  Please refer to Chapter 373 of the Village Municipal Code for further details.  Please also note that State Statutes may have changed since the adoption of the Village's regulations.

As part of Municipal Code Chapter 373, two official maps are maintained by the Village, showing Restricted Zones and Residency Restrictions.  The Village Board may update these maps as necessary to reflect changes. Maps are available at the Village office or by downloading the following links:

Any questions regarding Village's Code should be directed to the Village Administrator or the Brown County Sheriff's Office.  For more information on Wisconsin Statutes and restrictions of sexual offenders, please visit the State of Wisconsin's Sexual Offenders Registry website.


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