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ISO Fire Protection Rating

Early in 2010, the Village was audited by the Insurance Services Office (ISO).  During the audit the Village was required to provide information on water supply/delivery; data regarding calls for service and 911 emergency responses; and training and inspection records for review. ISO uses this information to establish a fire protection rating.  Scoring is based on a ten point system with a one being the best and ten being the worst.  These ratings are used by a number of insurance companies to assign risk to homes and businesses when calculating insurance premiums for Fire Loss.  A lower ISO rating usually equates to premium savings for residents and businesses.

Over the past several years the Village Fire and Water Departments have made enhancements to our infrastructure and public safety services.  As a result, the Village’s fire protection rating has improved.  Prior to the audit, the Village had an ISO Rating of 5 in hydrated areas and 9 in non-hydranted areas.  The most recent audit shows a marked improvement.  The Village received a new classification of 2 in hydrated areas.  Nationally only .7% of municipalities have a rating of 2 with even fewer having a 1 (.1%).

The Village advises residents and businesses to provide this information when discussing insurance rates. If you have any questions regarding our ISO rating please contact the Village offices at 468-5225.

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