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Bellevue Fire Association

The Bellevue Firefighter’s Association is a non-profit organization established under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service / US code.



The objectives of the Bellevue Firefighter’s Association are:

  1. To raise funds, and donate such funds to the Bellevue Fire Department to lessen the burden on the tax payers of the Village of Bellevue.
  2. To educate the general public, including school age children in fire awareness and prevention.
  3. To unite for mutual benefit those persons engaged in support or activities of the Bellevue Fire Department, or Bellevue Firefighter’s Association.
  4. To promote safety in the field of firefighting, and the safety and welfare of the members of the Bellevue Firefighter’s Association.
  5. To take a role in promoting the organization within the community, and foster a sense of esprit-de-corps among the members of the Bellevue Firefighter’s Association, Bellevue Fire Department, and Village of Bellevue.
  6. To promote the general betterment of the Village of Bellevue Fire Department.

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