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The Building Inspection Division works with architects and contractors on building new buildings, additions and alterations. In addition, building inspectors work with homeowners in making home improvements like new homes, additions, and remodeling.


Do you need a permit?

You need a permit when a project involves:

  • an addition or change to the exterior or interior of your house or building.
  • any type of electrical, heating or plumbing work.

Applicable permits, permit fees, forms and additional information can be found by clicking here!

The following list of common building activities can be used as a guide. If you have any questions, contact a building inspector.

For exterior work, you need a permit to:

  • build or add-on to a house
  • build a new garage
  • add on to your driveway with new asphalt, concrete or pavers
  • build or replace a new shed
  • build or replace a new deck
  • install a new swimming pool - above or in-ground
  • add a screened porch
  • install or replace a fence
  • install a temporary pool

For interior work, you need a permit to:

  • move or create new interior walls
  • install a hot tub or whirlpool
  • alter a bathroom or kitchen
  • install a new furnace, air conditioner or water heater
  • add on to an existing electrical circuit(s) or installation of a new electrical circuit(s)

You don't need a permit for:

  • replace same-size window or doors
  • paint the exterior or interior
  • reroof your house
  • re-side your house
  • install gutters and downspouts

Village Code and State Statute require permits. If you don't obtain one when required, the Village may charge you a double permit fee and require all work to stop at the site until you obtain the proper permits. In addition, the Village can fine you for the violation for every day that the work is not in compliance.  Lastly, any work that has been done without a permit and has been covered up may need to be uncovered for proper inspection.

Obtaining a Building Permit

Please follow these steps in obtaining a building permit:
  1. Apply for a permit at the Village Offices located at 2828 Allouez Avenue, between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

  2. Submit Plans - Plans are needed for most projects other than repairs or replacements.

  3. Wait for staff to review your plans - small additions, remodeling or garages can most times be reviewed at the counter if adequate, detailed, and complete plans are prepared. Staff will need additional time to review other projects, especially new construction. Sometimes you will need subcontractor permits for electrical, plumbing, or heating permits. These permits must be obtained prior to subcontractor starting their work. Plan Review usually takes 5 working days.

  4. Pay fee and receive your permit.

  5. Do the work stated on the permit. Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) Permits are valid for two (2) years, all other Village issued permits are valid for one (1) year.

  6. Call for inspections as needed. The inspections you may need are listed below.


The Village Building Inspectors inspect many sites through out the day. It is important to call or contact the Building Inspectors to schedule the inspection you need in advance. If you do not schedule the inspectionin advance, it may be 48 hours before the Building Inspector can inspect your site.

The following is a list of required inspections in the typical construction order. Your project may not require all the listed inspections. Please use the list as a guideline for calling for inspections.

The following building inspections are required (as applicable) for commercial projects:

  1. Erosion Control (inspected throughout construction and until vegetation is re-established
  2. Footing Inspection (prior to placement of concrete to ensure size and soil conditions are adequate)
  3. Foundation Inspection (after steel is placed, prior to placement of concrete to ensure size and placement on footings)
  4. Tar, Tile and Stone (prior to backfilling to ensure tile placement is correct and amount of gravel over tile is adequate)
  5. Sewer/Sanitary/Water Service Laterals and any connections to the main (prior to backfilling)
  6. Temporary or permanent electric service
  7. Underground plumbing (prior to covering)
  8. Interior drain tile/sump/vapor barrier (prior to covering)
  9. Rough framing (prior to insulating)
  10. Rough Electric (prior to insulating)
  11. Rough plumbing (prior to insulating)
  12. Rough HVAC (prior to insulating)
  13. Insulation, firestopping, ventilation and vapor barrier (prior to sheet rocking)
  14. Final - Occupancy (prior to moving in)
  15. Miscellaneous - curb cut (after forms and rod are in prior to placing concrete)

Certificate of Occupancy

If you are taking over a new tenant space, a certificate of occupancy will be required. For new buildings, the Village of Bellevue requires an Occupancy Permit prior to you or a tenant occupying the building.

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